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What All Little Girls Need and Most Women Never Had / Joe Cucchiara

Amazon Kindle での7冊目 What All Little Girls Need and Most Women Never Had: A Loving Relationship with Their Father / Joe Cucchiara


If we lose control, yell, scream,  or even hit our young daughters for misbehaving,  what are we really teaching them? To act like us  when they get mad? There’s a good chance they’ll  grow up and handle their anger the same way we  do. Do you want that?


We need a license to  drive a car and a resume to get a job, yet there are  no mandatory prerequisites for having children.  Somehow, this system just doesn’t seem right, and  our children and our society will continue to pay  the price. Prior to getting married, adults should  be required to take a course on marriage and raising


“Fathers will  help their daughters develop aspects of self-image  and what they come to expect from men, society  and the world.”


The following are types of nonphysical abuse:
1. Neglect-Parents exhibit neglect when  they send their children a clear message that they have little or no time for them. That is, parents  just don’t care or take interest in their kids’ eating  habits, education, appearance, hygiene, activities,  or interaction with others. A classic example of neglect is children continuing to ask one or both  parents to spend time with them, talk to them,  play with them, or read to them, and the parents  just never have the time. This occurs daily because  parents are so busy or don’t have their priorities in  order. How sad! In this instance, fathers are sending  their daughters the message that they’re not  important enough to spend time with. Think for a  moment how your little girl must feel. Her father,  the one who should love her the most, doesn’t have  enough time for her. How do you think that makes  her feel? Most adults feel awful when neglected by  loved ones, and we have the advantage of maturity  and life experience. We also have the reasoning  to distinguish between good and bad, right and  wrong. Remember, as healthy, functional fathers  we must make our young daughters a priority and  continually show and tell them how important  they are to us.


これは、特に我々日本人は心しないといけない問題です。共働きなら尚更。「家庭(子供)と仕事のどっちも大事」などと、よく言われるし、Life Work Balanceなどとも言われ、仕事も大事だけど家庭も大事などとも言われます。しかし、”バランス”とか”どっちも大事”って本当かな。