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Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters / Meg Meeker

Amazon Kindle での2冊目 Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters / Meg Meeker

初めて読む娘育てHow To本。すべて鵜呑みにするには極端すぎると思う部分もあるが、この手の本(その場では”へぇ~なるほど”となるが、具体的にどうするのが良いのかが書かれていないことが多い)にしてはかなり勉強になった。


“Who all went on your trip?” “Just my dad and me.”

ってな感じかな。自分の頭だとWho allの代わりにWho else と言いそう。また、この娘が言い出したわけでも無い旅行なのに、your tripというところが注目。自分ならthe tripと言ってしまいそうだ。

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)


Men, of course, are trained from the day they enter school to be career-oriented, and most men measure their career success and even their happiness in terms of money. We all like to believe that having more will make us happier. So many men think in terms of gain: material things: career advancement, a bigger bank account, a prettier wife. But the constant pursuit of more never leads to happiness; it only leads to dissatisfaction with what we have. When we realize that we don’t need more, then we can relax and be happy. Contentment comes with being satisfied with who we are and what we have today. A man who lives his life with integrity will have that sense of contentment and freedom.


Nice girls want to please people. Sensitive daughters work very hard to get their fathers’ approval. They will go to extremes to receive attention, adoration, and congratulations from you. Be sure that you see this and reassure your daughter that she makes you very happy. But here’s the problem. If she is really sweet, she will have difficulty upsetting her friends—she’ll find it hard to say no, and they might take advantage of that.