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The Good Guy / Dean Koonts

Amazon Kindleを買って、最初に読んだのはこの本。The Good Guy / Dean Koonts



mutual acquaintance 【idiom】


The exception was a six-by-four-foot image of a television with a blank gray screen. “Modern art baffles me,” Tim said. “That’s not art. I had it done at a photo shop. To remind me why I don’t own a TV.” “Why don’t you?” “Because life is too short.”




The warehouse club offered an irresistible price on one-gallon jars of mayonnaise, six to a carton, and for a modest sum, you could buy enough bricks of tofu to build a two-bedroom house. On their quest for a disposable cell phone, Tim and Linda did not bother with the shopping carts that were, in a pinch, large enough to transport a lame horse. Other customers had piled their carts with multiple twelve-packs of toilet paper, panty hose by the half gross, and barrels of cocktail onions. A young couple piloted two pushcarts with adorable identical three-year-old girls facing backward in the kiddie seats, as if they had taken advantage of a two-for-one child sale in Aisle 9. Sometimes Tim worried that Americans were so accustomed to abundance that they thought this level of affluence and choice had always been the norm and was even now the norm in all but the most insistently backward corners of the world. Sudden falls can come to societies that know too little history or that have furnished their minds with easy one-note propaganda in place of the true complexity and terrible beauty of the storied past.