2009 Maui

2009 Maui – Gadgets

We’re going to visit Maui again 4 days later.

Last time was one and a half years ago. That was a party of 7:  including my parents, my sister and her husband. My daughter Lisa was only 2 years old then and it’s pretty hard to relax myself. Now, she is 3 and a half  and can understand what I say, so I expect this time will be much easier and more enjoyable than last time.

I bought a child seat from the US. SunshineKids “Radian65” last year which is capable of both car and aircraft. It’s heavy but ideal for carrying around. Because it’s foldable and ordinary strap can be attatched on it’s side.

I got a brand new compact camera NIKON P6000 in prior to this travel. Compact yet high quality with GPS tag function. I already have NIKON D40 but that’s oversized for travel use.

Entire photo gallery : http://www.nakayama.bz/photogallery/2009 Maui